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Worship with us every Sunday 7:30 - 11:30 am

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Welcome- from the general overseer (solid rock chapel Int'l)

I am extremely excited to welcome you to Solid Rock Chapel International, the home of uncommon champions, where champions are raised.

As God’s word-based church, we believe that the word of God is the key to overcome life challenges, scale hurdles, move mountains, win the battles of life and accomplish God's purpose for your life. The word of God you experience in our services are designed to bring you joy, peace, salvation and deliverance, healing, righteous living, faith in God alone, peace of mind, strength for each day, living a life of total dominium over sin and enjoying God’s prosperity.

At Solid Rock Chapel International, the weak is strengthened, the weary is refreshed, the worried is comforted, the wounded is healed and the wasted are restored because our God is more than able. So, why wrestle when you can find rest in God by worshiping with us at-the home of uncommon champions.

I invite you to our Head branch, The City of Faith, Kwabenya or any of our branches this Sunday or any of our week-day services and I know that as you fellowship with us the God of Solid Rock will cause a turnaround in your life because neither is there any Rock like our God.

Solidie!!! Rockie!!!
- Rev. Dr. Christie Doh-Tetteh