Our History

Solid Rock Chapel started as a fellowship of 10 people in the porch of Rev. Dr Christy Doh Tetteh at North Kaneshie, Accra, in July 1993. As a Morning Devotion family, the Fellowship attracted a large a number of people. Increase in attendance necessitated a shift in venue and consequently, regular meetings were held in the open near her house. The hand of God was seen at work through a display of signs and wonders at every gathering of the Fellowship. Barren women became pregnant and had babies, many of whom were named Christy and Christian after the woman of God. People, who visited the fellowship meetings for prayers prior to their foreign visa interviews, had their breakthrough. The salvation of souls, deliverances from the demonic, restoration of marriages, and various healings that characterized fellowship meetings heralded the extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit in that part of Accra called North Kaneshie in the early 1990s.

Retreats which were often organized by the fellowship at the Legon Botanical Gardens were shifted to the forest near the playing fields of Achimota School. The fellowship grew dramatically attracting people from various parts of Ghana. The size of the fellowship, coupled with the number of services conducted, and the full range of activities it undertook made it necessary for the fellowship to become a formal church. In any case, the dilemma of the people who attended the fellowship but were not affiliated to any church necessitated the commencement of one so that the churchless Christians would not to miss out on what the kingdom of God offered and represented.

Mama Christy as she is fondly called, as a strong advocate of prayer, occasionally left home to places outside Accra to pray and seek the face of God. On one such occasion, she took along with her a book titled He Came to Set the Captives Free authored by Rebecca Brown and as she read it, the Lord dropped into her heart the name of the church. Solid Rock Chapel International came into existence, and the church took off. On a fair day in the last quarter of the year 1994, to be precise 2nd October, 1994, Solid Rock Chapel International held its first service while formal registration was done later. After holding Sunday services under a big tree in her neighbour Maami Safoaa’s house for a brief period, the church leased land at Kaneshie near the St. Theresa’s School in 1994, and there it built the first temple which later became its first branch.

In the course of time, the church started Wednesday mid-morning services as a result of a personal challenge experienced by a member of Mama Christy’s household. Characteristically, Mama Christy inquired of the Lord for a solution. The Lord led her to Jeremiah 33:3 and also impressed upon her that ‘Hot’ prayers led to ‘Hot’ Answers. Thereafter, the Wednesday service was named ‘Hotline.’ Soon the Holy Spirit led the leadership to add Friday morning services to its repertoire and this was named the Hour of Faith.

Solid Rock Chapel International celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. It is a vibrant and growing church headquartered in Accra, Ghana, with several branches and affiliate ministries. As at mid-2019, Solid Rock Chapel International had birthed churches in the following locations: Kisseman, Abeka, Agyei Kojo, Dome, Berekum No.1, Berekum No.2, Awuronsua, Kasoa No.1, Awuronsua, Kasoa No.2, Kaneshie, and Kwabenya.

Over the years the church has matured into an institution touching lives with hope and love manifested through a holistic ministry comprising of programmes which address the spiritual, social, and physiological needs of individuals. The church has undertaken various social missions, the most recent ones being in November 2018 at Awuronsua and Accra Psychiatric Hospital in January 2019. In an era where people are confused, dejected and heartbroken and going through the vicissitudes of life, God is still revealing Himself to, and working wonders in the various branches of Solid Rock Chapel International, attending to the exact needs of individuals who visit the church.