Our History

Solid Rock as we know started as a fellowship with 10 people in my porch at North Kaneshie Awudome in July, 1993 about 25 years ago as a Morning Devotion Family.

It attracted a large a number of people about 500 in the open with signs and wonders following every meeting. A woman after she was taken through deliverance for 2 weeks, Her story is a very heartwarming one.

She was bitten by the brother-in-law and the man’s teeth pulled out. After that, her wrist began to swell and so in her quest to find a cure and properly revenge on the gentleman, she consulted occultic houses and she was taken to the cemetery and given concoctions to drink.

As time went on, she began to go to the hospital where the fluid was drained occasionally. Because she lived closed to the place of worship, she soon started coming to our meetings. One notable thing was that she always carries the hand in a scarf when it swelled. I asked her one particular day what her problem was and when she told me, I asked her to forgive the person who did that to her but unknown to me, she was offended and left.

She eventually wen to the hospital and when the doctor was draining the fluid from her wrist, something happened. He pulled out a black thread. She quickly was alarmed and asked the doctor to give it o her so she could show to her pastor because she was then in the mission house. As soon as she brought his item, the Holy Spirit whispered to my spirit that I had work to do.

I quickly started the deliverance process and the manifestation was that there were cowries in her. One thing led to the other until she brought out of her mouth the objects you see in the picture which includes blade, needle, broken bottles, nails, padlocks, keys, talisman, broken mirrow and many others.

Another young man was also brought who had a chest problem. After prayer, he brought out a fishhook. One unique and powerful incident among many was the first time we had a night vigil. A woman rushed to the altar with her dead daughter, she was not properly dressed. She only had a piece of wrapper around her waist, No convering from her chest. You can imagine the urgency.

Pastor Solo took the child and we prayed for a long time but nothing happened. All this time, the child was dead. Pastor Solo told uslater on the he wanted to tell me to stop praying because it was of no use. He was afraid t tell me the same. He pinched the girl so he knew the prayer won’t work. She was gone. Suddenly, the Holy spirit prompted me to ask of her name. As soon as I called her name Sarah, she came back to life and spoke Ga “I am Cold”.

We later learnt that her mother had lost 2 daughers in a cycle at the same age 4 years but glory be to God Sarah is now 18 years as seen in the picture and afer the incident, her mother had two more children. God is a restorer, Bishop and Dr. Adejumo of Agape Mission in Nigeria, Ajure have taken care of her schooling till date. We say a big thanks to them.

I want to know that we learnt later on that Sarah was taken to a fetish priest in the area who refered them to the church. Thank God for His Mriacle working power. Moviing futher amidst, I need to let you know that the devotions progressed to retreats at Legon Botanical gardens then progressed to Achimota playing fields.

Our Meeting birthed a lot of miracles and we began Wednesday Mornings Hotline Services. I was going through a personal challenge with a young .llady who was living with me but had a difficulty I her life. I went to God in prayer and asked what to do, And He gave me Jeremiah33:3. Hot prayers, Hot Answers, so I named it Hotline on Wednesdays only. Soon we added Friday mornings- Hour of Faith.

At every gathering, we saw that the hand of God at work. Mostly barren women became pregnant and had babies. Many named Christy and Christian.

We also saw people who had visa breakthroughs at every meeting. This is so true today when I travel abroad and I meet pastors and people who testify that they visited our meetings for prayer before going for interview and they succeeded.

We give praise to God for these mighty miracles. Salvation of souls, marriages resotred, and various healings that always chracterised our meetings made it very obvious that something different was happening in town. I am a strong advocate for prayer so I occasionally left home, went to a hotel outside Accra to pray and seek God for direction. On one such expediction, I took a book written by Rebecca Brown “He came to se the captives free” As I read it, I got the name for our new church, Solid Rock Chapel.

It was necessary to move on as a church but I was always afraid to start a church because I feared I wont be accepted as a woman in the field of a male dominated work. Yes Work, ministry is a big work. The people who attended our fellowships, most of them didn’t go to church on Sundays therefore the need to begin one for them.

Guess what, the day we announced to commence Sunday Services, the people were very excited. We began with 9 people on a raining day in my porch. What a way to start a church on 2nd October, 1994. As we celebrate fifteen years of Solid Rock Chapel, I wish to congratulate all who have labored with me through the painful and as well very joyous moments of this journey. Don’ give up yet, there are many victories ahead to be won.

As you read on, you will come across a lot of testimonies and pictures of outstanding miracles that God has done for people. Pastor Philip brought her friend without a womb and who now has four children. You can also introduce somebody for their miracle today.

As I end my short message on the Journey so far, I mut let you now that I faced a lot of back stabbing from people I raised and taught but it is part of learning and growing process. I am not the first and wont be the last. Any creditable ministry will go through the fire to become what God wants it to be.